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Parents guide to SEDA and Debate

Event Fees and Travel Grants


To participate in SEDA events, students must be paid members of SEDA.


If your student is an active debater, the best value is SEDA's Standard Membership ($160), which is a discounted rate that is eligible for the Children's Tax Credit. The membership fee must be paid at the time of attending the first event of the year, inculding Fall Workshops or the first Tournament attended (excluding Summer Camp), in order to be eligible for the Children's Tax Credit.

Individual SEDA memberships are due upon registration for the first event a debater attends in the 2015-16 season (workshops or tournaments). SEDA accepts and receipts cash, cheques, and PayPal (pelase consider using a cheque if you can: PayPal fees reduce the amount that we receive).

  • To be eligible for the tax-credit, a student must be under 16 years of ageat the beginning of the year (January) in which the expenses are paid; or under 18 years of age if eligible for the disabiity tax credit.



  • The payer receives a tax-credit receipt for $100 - the portion of the membership fee that does not include meals.


  • Students older than the eligible age to receive the tax-credit may stull pay for a Standard Membership and will receive a receipt; it is the payer's responsibility to submit eligible tax-credit receipts on their returns.


  • The Standard Memership fee includes: (1) The basic membership fee ($20) and (2) eligibility for participation in all club meetings, any Fall Workshops, (including BP Qualifier), 4 debate tournaments, 1 speech tournament, provincials if qualified, and Model Legislature.


  • If your student attends only 1-2 events a year, the $20 Basic Membership may be more economical.


  • A student must pay the $20 Basic Membership fee upon registration at their first tournament, plus the applicable event fee for the event and any subsequent events attended.


  • If paid for by guardians, a tax-receipt will be issues for the Basic Membership fee, provided a minimum of 8 weeks remain of regularily scheduled programming.


*Please Note*

A student's club may charge additional fees set by that club (for example to cover supply or travel costs) and not collected in any way by SEDA, and which are not eligible for the tax-credit receipt issued by SEDA. Neither inter-provincial and international event fees are covered by SEDA membership and are not eligible for the tax-credit.


Please Note:

  • In addition to completing the membership form, all debaters must be registered for each individual tournament they plan to attend.


  • Only coaches may register debaters for tournaments.


  • The tournament registration form can be found on the tournament's information page, as well as the main page of the Members' Only page.


  • Coaches must register any timekeepers/moderators they intend to provide, as well as meal tickets purchased for parents, chaperones, etc. (meals are provided without extra charge for coaches, debaters, judges, and timekeeper/moderators).


Classes of Membership

  • Club ($40 per club)


  • Basic Individual ($20 per debater)


  • Standard Individual ($160 per debater)


Individual Membership Forms and Fees


Debater Membership Form:

  • All debaters must fill out this online form before attending their first tournament


Individual Members' Registration Fees:

  • Can be paid online by PayPal (see bottom of webpage)
  • Can be paid by cheque or by cash at the debater's first event (cheque preferable)
  • Contact SEDA if you require an invoice for multiple debater payments (ex. one cheque or PayPal transaction for several debaters' fees)


Club and Coach Membership Forms and Fees

Club Memebership Form:

  • All clubs must fill out this online form before attending their first event (workshop or tournament)
  • It is the coach's responsibility to fill out this form
  • Form includes a short Coach's registration form, which must also be filled out


The tournament registrations received will be posted in the members only area. Coaches and debaters are responsible for ensuring their names appear on the confirmed registered list, as posted.


To make payment collection easy for both coaches and SEDA please consider paying by PayPal or cheque, and unless directed otherwise by the coach, make the cheque payable to SEDA.


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