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Debate gives students the opportunities to explore their identity and their self-concept. It is a way to explore their relationships with others, community, culture, customs, other ways of knowing, national and international events and issues, and the history of humanity. Debate is a way to explore alternative possibilities using different methods, forms, and issues related to language, communication, and the mass media, as well as the natural and constructed world and environmental and technological issues. (paraphrased from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Foci across Areas of Study - Renewed Curricula: Understanding Outcomes)


Get started with these resources:

  • SEDA: Introduction to Debate Video - YouTube
  • It's Debatable - getting started package of games, activities, and debate instruction
  • Debate - where to include debate in your curricular-based lesson plans

Why Debate?


Communication Studies 20 and other Curricular units

Do you teach Communications 20? If so, contact the SEDA office to arrange for a free in-class workshop when you are teaching Module 7: The Art of Debate, or any other related English, Social Science, etc. units!

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