Welcome to Debate! What do you need to get started?

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Contact SEDA for more information on personalized workshops and starting a club:

  • Find a club - in your school or community or start one
  • Find a friend - just need two people on a team
  • Find a coach - a teacher to coach/chaperone or another adult coach
  • Have a workshop - in your class, school or community
  • Start debating just in your club or at tournaments!


Who can debate?

Any youth in Grades 5-12. We have four categories:

  • Gr. 5-6 = Beginners
  • Gr. 7-8 = Intermediate
  • Gr. 9-12, never debated before = Novice
  • Gr. 9-12, experienced debaters = Open

Adult debate opportunities also exist:

  • Both universities have debate clubs (URDS/USDS)
  • Adult Invitational Tournament
  • Special events upon request


How long is the debate Season?

Most clubs meet from early September to late April

Typical schedule:

  • August - Debate Camps in Regina and Saskatoon
  • September- One-day Workshops
  • October - AGM
  • October, November, December, January, February - Four Rounds of tournaments for each category, plus speech tournaments
  • March - Provincials
  • April, May - Senior and Junior Nationals


Many thriving debate clubs have students who never attend tournaments. It is each student's choice as to how competitive they wish to be. The important thing is that club meetings offer members the opportunity to debate and have fun!

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