SEDA has a wealth of resources from past years:


Index (updated 2007)
Introduction to Coaching
Advanced Coaching
· Resource Links
· SEDA lending library
· Reading the Package
· Types of Reasoning
· A Brush up on Tournament Etiquette
· Cross-examination
· Grab and go debate unit
· Debate It Up! Unit
· Plan killing card
· Opportunities for SEDA Debaters
· Refutation chart
· Activities during club meetings
· Debate related quotes
· Sample club welcome letter
· Know your role
· Parliamentary roles
· Reading Statistics
· Web Page Verification Questions
Speech Guide and rubric
Guide to Model Parliament
Tournament Hosting Guide(with hosting checklists!)
Condensed Judging Guide
(also available in French-unrevised)
Tournament Technical Guide (with 2, 3 and 4 round draws)
Teacher's Information Package (TIPs)
Games and Activities
CSDF Guide to Debate
Handbook of Terms
Resolution Ideas
Forms (2005 versions only)
· Membership Application forms
· Video and Materials Order Form
· Liability and Travel Release Form
· Media Release Form
· Expense claim Form
· Mileage chart

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