VOLUNTEERS! Weclome to the 2015-2016 Debate Season!


To register as a volunteer for our Provincial Championship event, to be held at the University of Saskatchewan on Febraury 27th, 2016, please fill out the volunteer form HERE.


Feel free to email Jackie at info@saskdebate.com with any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to judging or volunteering!



Thank You:


SEDA relies on hundreds of volunteers each year: coaches, judges, moderators, timekeepers, parent helpers & drivers, and student assistants. SEDA would like to thank all its volunteers for the thousands of hours they put in to making SEDA's programs happen.


Each year, SEDA recognizes its community with four awards. Nominations are accepted all year-long, with the recipients being honoured at Provincials.




Eastview Regina Rotary Club & SEDA Youth Volunteer Award

Recipients of this award don't necessarily have to be the best debaters. They are the club members that might not even debate in tournaments, but they always come to meetings, make their club a welcoming place for others, or they always volunteer to moderate, judge or recruit others. Some might be mentoring younger debaters or getting clubs started in other schools. Whatever they are doing, it is for the love of debate and to build our debate community.

Recipients are selected by the SEDA Board, but coaches are welcome to nominate debaters who they feel deserve recognition.

SEDA Meritorious Volunteer Award

Each year, SEDA's Board recognizes a coach who has gone above and beyond during the year to host a special event, or who has shown consistent and outstanding service to their debaters and the debate community.

Recipients are selected by the SEDA Board, but coaches are welcome to nominate fellow coaches or volunteers who they feel deserve recognition.

McLeese Dedicated Service Award

Recipients of the McLeese Award are recognized by the SEDA board for their outstanding dedication and long-time service to debate in Saskatchewan. The award is named in honour of Willis S. McLeese (1913 - 2011), one of the founders of the Canadian Student Debating Federation.

Recipients are selected by the SEDA Board, but coaches are welcome to nominate individuals who they feel deserve recognition.

Saskatoon Home Educated Debaters Spirit of Debate Award

The Spirit of Debate Awards recognize debaters of outstanding character who are role models of inclusiveness, fair play, leadership, and citizenship.

Recipients are selected by the debaters and coaches within each club, and will be recognized by the SEDA Board. From the overall list of nominees, the SEDA Board then names a top Elementary and High School recipient. Each club should only select one recipient.


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News & Upcoming Events

  • Changes to the Board


    The October AGM saw a number of changes to the board we'd like to acknowledge. We are pleased with the strong turn-out this year. We had a number of parents and coaches present as well as most clubs represented. With the regular turn-over in board member terms, we would like to welcome Melissa Gerlach and Paula Dvernichuk as new members to the board. Of course these psotions mark the end of terms of other members. So, we'd also like to acknowledge the following retiring board members:


    Kara Helmes - Kara has been a long history with SEDA. A member of the board for over 10 years, she has committed to coaching and supporting SEDA. A former debater, president and past president (two terms), she helped SEDA navigate some turbulent waters in recent years. We thank Kara for her commitment and leadership.


    Sarah Myers - Sarah, a recent addition to the board, has spent her free time supporting elementary debate and coaching. As a highly respected member of the board, her contributions are valued. We are grateful to Sarah for her contributions to SEDA.


    Dylan Hardy - A former debater, Dylan is passionate about debate. He has committed his time to the advancement of debate and debaters in the province as a coach, mentor, judge and board member. Although his long commitment to the board is coming to an end, Dylan's impact on the debate community will remain.


    Matt Schmeisser - Also a former debater, Matt has dedicated hours debating, coaching and actively participating on the board. Matt has volunteered his time and energy and influence many young debaters and many have noted the feedback he provides. Wherever his career takes him, debate will remain an important part of Matt's life. SEDA is grateful to Matt and wishes him the best in his endeavors.

  • Your Canada - Your Constitution

    Thank you YCYC for sponsoring 2016 National Debate!