Roy Romanow


12th Premier of Saskatchewan


"As a student, I represented the University of Saskatchewan in championship debates. I learned to organize my thoughts, to put my points across in a clear and concise manner and to concentrate on the key elements of my opponent's arguments. Through this process I gained confidence in my ability to effectively make a case for what I believe."

"The proficiency in debate that I gained as a student has served me well in my poliltical career, particularly in the often passionate arguments in the Legislature, and I would wholeheartedly encourage all young people to participate in the debate and speech arts. The communication skills learned will benefit you in any walk of life."


Rex Murphy

Newfoundland Broadcaster and Columnist

"Debating is a sport. It trains the mind in readiness, agility, and precision. It is also the most intense 'venue' for the exploration of words arranged and deployed for their argumentative and persuasive force. Logic, Rhetoric, two odd companions, meet in debate."

"It has a subsidary value, which I am reluctant to mention because it might be thought 'relevant', and that value is debate's ability to inject confidence and self assurance. Mainly, though, I would emphasize it is fun."


Dr. Morris Shumiatcher

O.C., Q.C., D. Jur.

"Of all the gifts that man enjoys, none is so precious as speech. It distinguishes us from all other living creatures. It is the expression out of which our personality in its most intimate form emerges and it works its wonders or wreaks its havoc upon the world about us.

If our eyes are the windows of the soul, our lips and tongue are the light that illuminates it, so that our spirit may be perceived by others.

In Prometheus Unbound, Shelley and of that great gift -

"He gave man speech, and speech created thought

Which is the measure of the universe."


All of us who speak have come to know what Shelley meant: that while we speak, we generate new and unexpected ideas. This does not mean we should start talking without knowing something about the things we have to say - like the student, who, when asked a question, said, "I don't know what I think until I have heard myself saying it." Along that road lies disaster. But having thought what we might say, the very act of speaking what we have thought, often generates new ideas and fresh expressions that are born out of the very words we utter.

When thoughtful people debate, debate creates new thoughts. That is why, for millenia, men and women who reason, have embraced debate as among the greatest and most rewarding of the arts."

November, 1982


Willis S. McLeese

CSDF Founder and Patron

"it is obvious that Saskatchewan is a leader in this wonderful system, and I am very much in admiration of your great work. Hopefully, debate will continue to develop and flourish across Canada with your great support."

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News & Upcoming Events

  • Changes to the Board


    The October AGM saw a number of changes to the board we'd like to acknowledge. We are pleased with the strong turn-out this year. We had a number of parents and coaches present as well as most clubs represented. With the regular turn-over in board member terms, we would like to welcome Melissa Gerlach and Paula Dvernichuk as new members to the board. Of course these psotions mark the end of terms of other members. So, we'd also like to acknowledge the following retiring board members:


    Kara Helmes - Kara has been a long history with SEDA. A member of the board for over 10 years, she has committed to coaching and supporting SEDA. A former debater, president and past president (two terms), she helped SEDA navigate some turbulent waters in recent years. We thank Kara for her commitment and leadership.


    Sarah Myers - Sarah, a recent addition to the board, has spent her free time supporting elementary debate and coaching. As a highly respected member of the board, her contributions are valued. We are grateful to Sarah for her contributions to SEDA.


    Dylan Hardy - A former debater, Dylan is passionate about debate. He has committed his time to the advancement of debate and debaters in the province as a coach, mentor, judge and board member. Although his long commitment to the board is coming to an end, Dylan's impact on the debate community will remain.


    Matt Schmeisser - Also a former debater, Matt has dedicated hours debating, coaching and actively participating on the board. Matt has volunteered his time and energy and influence many young debaters and many have noted the feedback he provides. Wherever his career takes him, debate will remain an important part of Matt's life. SEDA is grateful to Matt and wishes him the best in his endeavors.

  • Your Canada - Your Constitution

    Thank you YCYC for sponsoring 2016 National Debate!