SEDA's Objective is to Promote the Speech and Debate Arts in Saskatchewan.


Guiding Principles

In June 2012, the SEDA Board drafted a Mission Statement with five guiding Principles:


Lifelong learning

SEDA's primary goal is to develop positive debate skills in all Saskatchewan elementary and high school students for effective life long learning

Positive Debate skills - real world vs. specific - critical thinking and ability to follow ideas

Facilitating broad-based participation and skill development in debate and speech activities

Coordination where school structures exist and support where no other structure is present

Grassroots organizations using debate and speech as a tool to build character, citizenship and leadership

To increase participation at SEDA events/activities from rural and urban schools

To foster excellence in debate and to provide ample opportunity to engage Saskatchewan youth on critical issues


Community - We are ALL SEDA

Create a sense of community of debate stakeholders (debaters, coaches, volunteers, alumni, parents) who are committed towards best practice

Generate interest in debate in new or struggling programs (mentorship)

Sense of community - To increase our ties with and visibility in schools, universities and communities

Real life connections - using debate in community activities

Access expert info and engage the community

Respect cultural, religious, regional, and all other differences

Highlight social aspect and good sportsmanship



Advocacy for advocacy - encouraging recognition and acceptance of importance of debate and speech activity

Make debate a more accepted activity

Work towards growth every year



Quality run tournaments / activities, attention to time, details

SEDA as an organization running things with excellence - Higher standard of debate



Adopt a transparent Board of Directors, judging, funding policy to prevent future conflict/backlash

Clear and decisive decision-making with every decision we make

Our Sponsors

Saskatchewan Lotteries Sask Culture Canadian Student Debating Federation Law Foundation of Saskatchewan