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At the April 13, 2013 Special General Meeting, the SEDA membership voted to make significant amendments to the SEDA Constitution. Click on the link for a list of the changes as well as the complete 2013 Constitution.


Information about SEDA's Constitution prior to April 13, 2013.

To Read More, view the 2011-12 Constitution and Policy Manual.


What does the Contsitution and Policy Manual cover?

Part I - Constitution

I) Name of the Association

II) Objective of the Association

III) Dissolution of the Association

IV) Functioning of the Association

A) The Constitution, Bylaws and Policies

B) Regions

C) Membership

D) Special General Meetings

E) Board of Directors


Part II- Policy Manual

V) Policies - Administration

A) Employees of the Association

B) Signing Authorities

C) Auditing

D) Fiscal Year

E) Financial Powers

F) Travel, Accommodation and Meals


VI) Policies - Code of Conduct

A) Student Debaters and Volunteers

B) School-based and parent Coaches

C) Student Mentors

D) Board of Directors and Staff Members


VII) Policies - Debate and Speech Activities

A) Local Activities

B) Inter-provincial Activities

C) Travel Reimbursements


VIII) Policies - Speech Activities

A) Categories


IX) Policies - Debate Activities

A) Debate Categories

B) Eligibility

C) Debate Formats

D) General Rules of Debate

E) Debate Fees


IX) Policies - Board Conflict of Interest Policy

IX) Policies - Privacy Policy

XII) Policies - Membership Policy NEW!

XIII) Policies - Travel Funding Policy NEW!

XIV) Policies - Donor Policy NEW!

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